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I started my Real Estate career just over 5 years ago and I've enjoyed the past two years being part of the fastest growing Brokerage in the world at EXP Realty.

In my opinion, the main thing that sets Exp Realty apart from all other Brokerages is their ability to bring the industry's agents together on one team,

where it's our passion to collaborate instead of compete. This brokerage has allowed me to brand myself and create a thriving local business using my own marketing and name. Not only that, but I've brought other women onto my team and have helped them brand and market their own story.

Exp Realty gives the ownership and direction back to each agent to create their own future in Real Estate while also being part owner in a much larger company that will continue to put the Agent first. 

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You can build a team that spans states and continents, not just within your city. This branding and freedom is the future of Real Estate!

Revenue Share + Stocks

There is a real opportunity to build a lasting business that doesn't depend on making a sale every month.

Let me share it with you!

Want to know how we can work together and build your brand?

Market your name rather than a local franchise. Schedule a call with me!

With thousands of new agents joining everyday its easy to see the benefits for yourself. Take a look at the model here and see why we're all so passionate about the future of Real Estate

like never before!

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